I tried to run

I’m not talking figuratively here. I mean actual running.

No, I wasn’t trying to get in a good cardio session. Running has been pretty low on that list for years before I got pregnant.

We got a break from our brutal winter last weekend and were blessed with some sunshine and mild temperatures, so we decided to get out of the house and take a trip to the park behind our house.

My son’s latest favorite thing is to have us chase him. He begs, “race me.” And typically I can keep up with a two-year-old’s pace.

So here we were walking up to the park last weekend and my son had been chasing my husband who was ahead of him. Then my son turned around to me and told me to chase him. And dammit I tried.

I hurled by six-month-pregnant body into motion and felt my feet pick up a quick shuffle pace and “ran” the most I had in months. For about six feet.

It was then that I felt like I had a bowling ball pressing down on my pelvis and an anchor tied to my back.

Mama could run no more. Chasing a toddler whilst pregnant is literally no joke.

I think after baby, running may need to take a front seat just for me to gain back some control of my body.

Until then, I will try and keep up my waddle, shuffle-paced gait.

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