My Book: Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes

The first time I found out I was pregnant four years ago, I was hungry for information about a type 1 diabetic pregnancy. So I took to the internet. Shockingly, I found next to nothing about type 1 diabetic women’s personal experiences with pregnancy. Everything I found was very clinical, and not what I was searching for.

Dismayed, I started my first blog. Wanting to get into blogging for a while, I never could come up with an idea of what I wanted to write about. I mean, what could I say that people would actually want to read? That changed when I found out I was expecting my first child in 2015.

Pregnancy + type 1 diabetic = instant blog topic. Born out of this equation was my first blog, Sugar-free Mom-to-Be.

I had several reasons for wanting to blog my experience as a pregnant diabetic.

The first was personal. It would be my journal to recall and reflect on those experiences at a later time. It was uncharted territory for me, and I knew I would have some thoughts about it.

The second was that I was disheartened by the lack of information I could find about type 1 diabetic pregnancies. Most of what I found was traumatic medical articles about the risks and complications of a T1D pregnancy. Not the most uplifting way to start my journey.

So I thought, hey, maybe I can chronicle my experience and someday another woman would be able to relate or find some comfort in my story.

I started writing about my experience when I was about four or five months pregnant. I found it very therapeutic to get all my thoughts out onto something tangible. I kept up writing through the delivery of my son, and then a few months after.

I have since retired that blog. But I decided to revisit and compile those entries into a book that I published (eek!).

Still wanting other T1D women who may be nervous and looking for similar experiences to find a story of comfort, I didn’t want my story to be lost forever. I want to show my fellow T1D expectant moms that their pregnancies can be everything they hoped for and then some. I had a positive experience and I want them to know that it is possible.

So I decided to share my story, and hopefully it offers a glimpse into what to expect with a T1D pregnancy. You can purchase my book for Kindle or paperback by clicking HERE.


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7 thoughts on “My Book: Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes

  1. I bought your book on Amazon and then found your blog as a result. I really appreciate you sharing your story. I have been a TID for 25 years and am planning my first pregnancy (at 35). I am all kinds of excited and nervous. For the longest time, when I thought of pregnancy and TID, I thought of Steel Magnolias, I watched that movie recently and noted all of the inaccuracies and am no longer thinking I will become Shelby. 🙂 Thanks again for sharing your story.


    1. Thank you and congratulations on planning your pregnancy!!! You were just the person I was thinking of when writing my book. A healthy pregnancy is totally possible. I wish you the best of luck and offer all my support! If you ever have any questions just let me know 🙂


  2. I never had the confidence to write a book 26 years ago on my pregnancies it’s only now I have had the confidence to publish my stories 👯‍♂️I had 3 children now 26, 23 and 20 all by Caesarian with T1D and in those days not that many people were open about their experiences … it’s only now that I am telling my story … 👏👏👏well done on your book


    1. Thank you! It’s never too late to tell your story! I am so glad you are comfortable doing so now. When I was younger I never wanted to talk about my T1D because I didn’t want to be different from my peers. Now I love talking about it and educating people. Congrats on three healthy (grown) babies!


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