I don’t even know what to call this.

Holy shit, it’s been a hell of a week. And it’s only Wednesday.

Let me clarify, it seems to be one frustrating situation after the other.

Rewind to last Saturday. My son woke up with a rash of little red spots on his stomach and back. They spread throughout the day, and by the time he woke up on Sunday, it covered the majority of his body, face to feet. Mmmm great.

They resembled hives but didn’t seem to be itching him at all. He was also acting fine. Nonetheless, I toted him into urgent care when they opened at noon on Sunday to get it checked out.

I was 1 of 25 brilliant people who thought it would be a grand idea to get there as soon as it opened. Fortunately, I was a little quicker than others, so our wait time was about 40 minutes to see the doctor. Thank god for Netflix and mobile devices.

Immediately she diagnosed him with hives – geographical, technically, since they looked like a map on his skin. Not much you can do for that besides Benadryl and wait for them to disappear on their own within a few days, or up to a couple weeks. It’s also tough to pinpoint the cause. He hadn’t been exposed to anything new to my knowledge and no new foods. My thought is it’s a reaction to a viral infection since he had a fever and runny nose about four days prior.

They’ve disappeared considerably, but a few seem to pop up first thing in the morning when he wakes up. Gah. For someone who likes having the answers, not knowing is the most frustrating part for me. But he’s a happy little guy, so we will just have to wait it out.

Second on my list of frustrations is daycare. I was happy when he had a teacher we all liked in his 12 month room. She then moved to his two year old room as the head teacher and things seemed to be going well. That abruptly changed when she gave her week’s notice. Nooooooo. Cue anxiety.

I met the new teacher on Friday and wasn’t super impressed. She did introduce herself to me so earned some points for that. But she also didn’t give off any immediate warm and fuzzy vibes, more like she runs a tight ship. My son seemed to have had a good day though, so that eased some of my nerves (besides her telling me they need to work on not hitting – he typically gets a little hitty when he doesn’t feel well, so that should have been my first clue when Saturday’s rash rolled around).

Come Monday morning, the new teacher was no where to be found. The fill-in teacher told me she wasn’t sure if she was coming back and that she would be taking over. Well, I kind of called that one. Whatever.

However, it’s Wednesday and the new teacher magically reappeared and didn’t remember meeting me. I mean, I’m kind of unforgettable (hint: major sarcasm here). No clue as to what happened. But there was miscommunication somewhere.

My next point of anxiety was the discovery of a large wasps nest on our back deck. Wasps on our deck is a constant issue every spring and summer. We do a good spray at the beginning of the season, and then catch a few every once and awhile throughout the summer. If I had my way and money wasn’t an issue, that baby would be ripped out as soon as possible. I would much rather have a nice patio.

My those who don’t know, I hate bugs. Hate them. And flying ones that sting you, huh uh. And it seems the older I get, the more petrified I become. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

For whatever reason, I decided to give our deck an inspection yesterday. I remember seeing a wasp flying around the deck last weekend, and I have seen what I can only believe is the queen (’cause she’s huge!) on our living room window (outside thank goodness) a couple of times.

Sure enough, I spotted three nests burrowed up beneath the top railing on our deck. Eeeeeek. Knowing my husband has been putting in a lot of hours at his job and hating it, I thought I would be helpful and have someone come out and take care of the problem for us.

Huh uh. My husband wasn’t too keen on the idea of having someone come out for $100 to do a job that he could do for free. To his credit, he did manage to spray and tear down the nests without a single wasp coming out to play.

All of the stress and anxiety of the past several days have certainly taken its toll on me. I know this because last night I threw my Dexcom CGM receiver in the washing machine with a load of laundry and didn’t realize it until after that load was done. This is a device that continuously monitors my blood sugar levels through sensors I wear (I’m type 1 diabetic).

The funny thing is (I have to laugh at this point, otherwise I’ll cry) that I just started wearing the sensor again on Saturday. It took nearly two weeks of getting the prescription filled through the pharmacy because of having to work with my insurance and doctor.

And when the guy called me on Friday to tell me it was ready, he said the whole kit was ready, meaning the sensors, transmitter, and receiver. I only needed a refill on the sensors, so I declined the other parts.

Two days later the device alerted me I needed a new transmitter. And two days after that, I water-logged the receiver on accident. Karma?

So now I am enduring the process all over again to get a new transmitter and receiver.

On the note of pharmacies and insurance. They’re not my favorite. For someone living with a chronic disease, I am intimately familiar with these parties. I have had several different insurance companies over the years and their accompanying mail-in pharmacies – this is how I get my diabetic supplies. And none of them seem to ever have their shit together.

I have been trying for nearly a month to get a new order for test strips that go with my new pump (hello Medtronic 670G!). And it has been taking incessant calling and follow up with the pharmacy to get the status on it. I was finally told on Friday that my doctor’s approval had gone through to insurance and they could ship it out. Hallelujah.

Jump to today, I get a notification that an order has been shipped – FOR MY OLD TEST STRIPS! I’m pretty sure I was banging my head on my desk at this point.

Another phone call to where dreams go to die, and I was assured the new order of test strips will override the old and they will ship them out immediately. Only time will tell.

Bring me wine. Bring me all the wine.




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