Brace yourself: I review my Fall 2017 Stitch Fix box

Brace yourself: I review my Fall 2017 Stitch Fix box

I never intended to do a product review on this blog. That said, I never really had a solid outline or goal of what I wanted to achieve, so I’m just rolling with it. Enter this blog post on my recent Stitch Fix box. Let me state right now that I in no way received any kind of compensation or perk for this review; it is only the brainchild of myself in the hopes of offering an unbiased view of the brand and their service as seen through my lens.

If you don’t know what Stitch Fix is, Google it. I’m not going to go over how it works.

This is my fourth box from Stitch Fix in about a year. After hearing some co-workers talk about their great finds, I decided to give it a shot. First off, having someone else pick out clothes for me and deliver them straight to my door? Uh, yes, please! Because #momlife obviously. (Ha, I can’t even take myself seriously enough to pull that off!)

But seriously, though. That is one hell of a concept and you have my attention. Being a working mom to a wild toddler, there is not enough time or patience for me to journey to a brick-and-mortar store to browse and try on clothes for myself. So, I signed up for Stitch Fix last year and have been pleased with my experience so far.

Being someone who likes to stick to a budget and feeling overloaded with guilt for spending money on clothes for myself, I’ve only been signing up for “fixes” about every three months, or basically the start of the season to refresh my wardrobe.

When setting up my Stitch Fix profile, I checked the box alerting my stylist to find the cheapest items possible to send my way. I’m not over here rolling in wad of cash. They do their best to stick to these limits. For my first fix, it was a little bit of a sticker shock since I’d been buying most of my clothes from Target (can we say $7 t-shirt sale?!), but they are reasonably priced for the quality and style I’ve seen (tops range in the $30-50).

I appreciate fashion, but in no way would I consider it a major part of my life, or interest for that matter. Maybe ten years ago I would be drawn to fashion magazines and want to keep on top of what was trendy, but these days I’m just proud of myself when I put on actual pants.

That is one thing that I love about Stitch Fix. It is literally someone else’s job to know what’s “stylish” and to pick out items they think I will like and look good in. And with the exception of maybe one box, my stylists have done a great job of trying to nail down my style.

So let’s get to the unveiling.

I always love to get these boxes. It’s like Christmas and I’m a giddy kid waiting to pop that tape and rip open the box. When I first opened up this box, I was so excited! I’m always trying to get as many tops as possible and this box had four! Stylist for the win right there.

I had to tuck my box away and attend to motherly duties, but I came back to it later ready to try everything on and make decisions.

DJ&JUJU Opel Scallop Hem Pullover

The first item I tried on was a grey chunky sweater. Grey is my black. I love grey. To me, it is the perfect neutral color and looks amazing on anyone. I also happen to love chunky sweaters – or at least the idea of them. I always feel like I look kind of frumpy in them, so the few that I have are kept for lazy days around the house. I held up the sweater and immediately noticed that it was wider than it was long – red flag number one. But it had this interesting scallop hem to it, so on my body it went.

The color was perfect, the comfortable material was wooing me, but it was too baggy/slouchy to give me any good vibes. Back to the box it went.

FullSizeRender (1)
41Hawthorn Kemmi V-Neck Roll-Tab Knit Top

Next up was a silky smooth tunic top with an interesting geometric print. I say “interesting” because geometric prints aren’t really my thing. They make a statement that typically screams “Look at me!” which goes against my introverted nature. But the cut and style of the top I very much liked, so on it went.

If not for the print, I would have loved this top. It fit perfect, had a conservative V-neck, and a cute little button detail on the sleeve. And did I mention it was super soft? It’s like all those LulaRoe leggings women gush about. But I couldn’t get past the print. I’m a simple gal, and this was just too much. Back to the box.

FullSizeRender (2)
Mello Day Sania Popover Top

Next up was a bright red top with a plaid pattern. Off the bat, red is not really my color. I also worked at Target in college, so I think that really ruined red clothes for me. I own maybe three red shirts, which all happen to represent our local college sports team. I want to love red; I just can’t make it work. But my stylist earned some points because I like plaid. I think plaid and flannel is timeless, and is rather trendy at the moment.

Again, the fit was perfect. It was a tunic-style top and the back hem was slightly longer than the front – which I like. It was also super comfortable and lightweight. But it was red. I mean like bright fire engine red, which brought out the red in my skin tone. I was on the fence already.

Additionally, my husband has been very forthcoming that he does not like my flannel and plaid shirts, which he so lovingly refers to as “lumberjack shirts.” So I have to admit that I heard that replaying over and over in my head when I checked myself out in the mirror. I decided that outside of game days in the fall, this shirt would most likely spend its days tucked away in my closet. Back to the box it went.

FullSizeRender (3)
Just Black Cordelia Skinny Jean

The one pair of jeans they sent I decided to try on with the red plaid shirt since it was one of my stylist’s suggestions. I had asked for jeans I could wear to work on casual Fridays – so no holes/tears, weird fading. Honestly, how could you go wrong with black skinny jeans? I’m sure there are ways, but I love black skinnies. They should be a staple item. And the pair I currently have is old and faded.

This new pair is divine. It has a nice stretch to it, and the length and rise are perfect. For a shorter gal with a some curves, finding a good pair of skinny jeans can be tricky. My stylist won my heart on this one. Keeper!

FullSizeRender (4)
Papermoon Marisol Mixed Material 3/4 Sleeve Knit Top

And last up was a beautiful maroon top. It is a soft, solid material in the front, and has a polka dot flowy back. The color had me sold. I don’t have anything even close to that color, and with my newly darkened hair color, it really looked amazing on. The brand is Papermoon, and I have a couple other tops by them, so it seems like I really align with their style. This top will be great for work, or dressed up for a night out.

Overall, I was happy with the box this round. I could have kept everything and tried to make it work, but with only two items that I loved, I will be sending the other three back to find new homes.

I think the reason that I keep coming back to Stitch Fix is it makes me feel good about myself. Their clothes are nice and it seems like the stylists really try to connect with your style. I am a firm believer in what you wear has an impact on how you feel. I think everyone wants to feel beautiful and confident, and if clothes can help you do that, go for it!

And you don’t need to break the bank. I’ve found clothes at my local thrift store that I love and feel great in. The key is finding what makes you feel good about yourself. And for a mom who has been in the thick of raising a tiny person for the past two years, I will take any confidence boost I can get.

I think the takeaway from this is that doing something for myself that makes me feel good will extend into other aspects of my life, like motherhood. I imagine a happy mom is more enjoyable to be around than one who is stressed and frazzled. While finding the time and energy can be difficult, I encourage all parents to do something for themselves every once and awhile. You and your family will be happy you did.





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