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Cracking open the recipe box

Cracking open the recipe box

For something maybe a little more beneficial to my readers rather than my ramblings, I thought I would write a post about some dinner recipes that I like.

I’m not a master chef, but I think I do okay. For me to attempt a recipe, it has to be ideally less than 20 minutes of prep, and about 30 mins of cook time – definitely less than an hour total on weeknights (slow cooker recipes is the exception to this rule, but I don’t make them too often).

First of all, I am probably one of the last women in this country not to have an Instant Pot. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely want one based on all the positive comments I’m hearing from friends. I’ve just been a little lazy to pick one up and slightly intimidated/annoyed that I would have yet another kitchen gadget taking up hard-to-find real estate. I’m thinking with a new baby coming, this might be necessary. Baby gift, anyone?

The first recipe I will share that has been added into my rotation is a sheet pan dinner. I love these. Toss some meat and veggies on a sheet pan together and bake for about 30 mins? Uh, yes please!

This recipe comes from Cooking Light, from which I’ve found several good (and healthy!) recipes. It is a Sheet Pan BBQ Chipotle Pork Dinner.

Photo credit: Jamie Vespa

I love me some BBQ sauce, and I have been surprised how juicy and tender the pork tenderloin is. This is a family favorite (asparagus is one of little man’s favorite veggies). I have made some modifications to fit our family: I use store bought BBQ sauce instead of making the one in the recipe (hello, time saver!) I have a paleo sauce that I love from a local shop.


The other modification I make is I swap the sweet potatoes for carrots. I’m apparently the only one who will eat the sweet potatoes (which are delicious), but that’s just too much for me to eat. Solution: carrots. Now, I’m not saving any extra time on this one, because I buy whole carrots that need to be peeled and then sliced into bite-sized pieces. Doesn’t add any extra time though. I also coat these in the seasonings and they came out of the oven like glazed little slices of heaven. Husband and son LOVE these!

Next up is a super easy recipe that I recently found from Betty Crocker. It really is an Impossibly Easy Chicken and Broccoli Pie.

If only I could take nice pictures like this.

Prep is seriously 10 mins. I am interested in trying cut-up rotisserie chicken, which could add some good flavor, but is otherwise a simple and tasty meal.




Another one from Cooking Light is super tasty Creamy Chicken Quesadillas.

download (1)
Credit: Caitlin Bensel

This really kicks the flavor up a notch on a simple classic. I’m scared of spicy, so I substituted some fresh pico de gallo for the hot sauce and was happy with the result. I also happened not to use rotisserie chicken (although I’m sure that may make it even better!) and just cooked up my own chopped chicken breast in a pan quick. This was another family favorite. Score!


So there is just a few of the recipes I have in dinner rotation at the moment. We typically eat dinner at home at least 5-6 nights a week, so I’m always on the hunt to keep things fresh and interesting. Leave some comments below if you try any of these and are interested in more posts like this.

***I am not an affiliate of either Cooking Light or Betty Crocker, so I am not paid for sharing these recipes (wouldn’t that be nice). These are just a couple recipes that I honestly like and thought I would share!


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