Do I look tired?

This has been the longest week ever. Yesterday (Wednesday) felt like it should have been Friday. It might have something to do with the fact that the baby has a cold, so the past five nights I have gotten even worse sleep than the already 5-6 fragmented hours I get a night. And on top of that, the 3 year old has been more nightmare-ish than usual to get to sleep at night and also getting up a few times during the night. Psychological torture.

What’s the deal with that? Why doesn’t anyone tell you that you won’t have a good night’s sleep again for years if possibly ever again in your lifetime? Well, I’m telling you now, if you want kids just expect never to sleep, especially when you want it the most.

The effects of poor sleep has not only broken my brain, it’s taken a toll on me physically. I’m still carrying around 20 pounds of pregnancy weight that seems to be hanging on for dear life. I look about 5 months pregnant. Probably makes people wonder when they see me holding my little baby if I’m pregnant again. Nope, just my bloated squishy stomach that’s trying to rejuvenate itself from carrying around my 9 pound boy.

But my post-partum bod isn’t what’s bugging me. Do I love it? Not particularly, but it created and carried two precious lives so I show it some kindness and have learned to be comfortable with it.

The physical sign of exhaustion has appeared on my face. I’m a pale person – something I rebelled against in my teen years when everyone was running off to the tanning beds. One thing I dislike about my fair skin is that it shows everything. Every pimple and blemish seems to be redder and angrier on my pale face.

What else? Dark circles. I’ve had dark circles for as long as I can remember and I’ve tried an exorbitant amount of concealers to rein them in. But since becoming a mom for the second time and my consistent lack of sleep, they have deepened to Halloween-grade black. Like the crypt keeper.

Fairly accurate depiction of what I look like in the morning.

And since I have little time (or interest) in wearing a lot of makeup, I try to quickly slap on some concealer without little improvement.

So I have a serious question for all you beauty-minded ladies out there: know of any products that really work to improve dark circles? Not looking to spend an arm and a leg, but I’m willing to pay more for something that actually works. I’ve seen some gel patches people can wear under their eyes like a mask. Do they work? Drop some comments below if you can help a sister out.





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