Everything Hurts

I feel like I’ve written this post before.

I’m falling apart. My body, that is. My mind, however, has never felt stronger. Well, I do have the foggy pregnancy brain, but emotionally I feel pretty confident.

Nonetheless, I woke up this morning feeling like I got hit by a bus. Let me lay out the series of events that led to this.

I own a dog. I actually own two dogs, both of which have their own behavior issues. But the one, Joey, has Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde syndrome. To my family and other people, she’s the sweetest dog ever. She lets my son lay on her and really just loves the attention. She is also more obedient than the other buffoon dog. She really aims to please.

Until she sees another dog.

This is a problem that I was not made aware of when I adopted her from the shelter five years ago. We’ve taken her to socialization and aggressive behavior specific training and we know there is promise there. Our problem is we just don’t have the time to work with her as much as we would like and need to.

Our solution has been to just avoid situations in which she comes into contact with other dogs. This is problematic given the fact that our neighbors on both side of our home now have dogs. So it has become a chore of checking to see if the neighbor dogs are outside before I let ours out, and hustling in Joey once she’s done her business. Definitely not ideal.

Getting back to my story, I ended up taking the dogs outside last night and was about to let Joey back in when my neighbor opened her door to let her dog out. Just the sound of unlocking the door sent Joey into a fury to get off the deck and over to that side of the fence. I happened to be standing in her way.

Anticipating her action, I lunged to grab her to get her in the house. In doing so, I pulled my left ass muscle. I felt it immediately.

And this morning it is worse. An angry gluteus.

So in combination with my aching pelvis and overall pregnancy comfortableness, I now walk even slower with more pain.

I’ve also come to learn that my morning coffee probably needs to go. Even though I’m lying to myself, I’ve decided I don’t think it is worth the horrible heartburn I get immediately upon drinking it. Not sure how I will function without my cup of coffee.

So I started my day in pain, with heartburn, moderate exhaustion from dealing with my son during the night (he’s got a cough going on so hasn’t been sleeping well), and a super grumpy and defiant two year old who was clinging to his soaking wet overnight diaper like a security blanket. All the while trying to get out the door to work.

It was not a good morning.

It also hit me for the first time how difficult it’s going to be to add a new baby into the chaos. I actually had a brief moment of actual panic. WTH was I thinking?

Then I remember that millions of families have multiple kids and they get through it. Most of my friends have two kids and they’re still standing. Heck, even my sister could do it. So I know everything will be fine. It will take some time to adjust to a new routine, but we will settle in to a new normal.

Less than 11 weeks to go.

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