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Grand Opening of The Maker Mamas Shop!

Grand Opening of The Maker Mamas Shop!

Let me tell you about a girl with a dream.

She spent most of her life listening to others and letting them guide her to doing what they thought she should do.

“Go to college. Get a degree in math or science. You’re smart.”

So I listened.

I tried to be who other people thought I should be. And it got me nowhere.

I started to live for myself in my mid-twenties. And then I became a mom.

And just like a butterfly, I became my true self.

Motherhood has been an incredibly difficult, yet rewarding and freeing experience. Nothing I was prepared for, yet it has come so naturally.

One of the hardest parts for me becoming a mom was really losing a part of myself. The creative part. Before having kids, I spent most of my free time lost in the art of painting and sketching and other creative pursuits. It was more than my hobby.

Then motherhood stole my free time and everything that went with it.

I started The Maternal Canvas four years ago as a way to unravel my thoughts and feelings on motherhood. I didn’t have artist mom friends who could relate to my specific yearnings. And when I sought support online, I was surprised to find very little for the art mom community.

It then became my dream to build a community around creative mothers who can understand the feeling of loss when motherhood takes priority over their artistic pursuits. And I wanted to build a place of inspiration where moms could come and regain their confidence and really make time for themselves and their desires.

Along this journey, I found incredible mothers who were looking for the same. A place to feel supported as an artist and a mother. Whether her medium was oil and canvas or fabric and a machine, or resin and metal.

The launch of The Maker Mamas Store is a dream come true. I’m honored to host creative products from art mothers who are also chasing dreams while chasing kiddos. It’s a delicate balance.

We would love you to take a look around the shop and get a glimpse into the creative imaginations of these art mamas. New products and artists will continue to be added.

And right now, I’m offering a 10% discount when you subscribe to my mailing list.

Are you ready to bring some art into your life?

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