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Here Comes Ingo Gift Bundle for Kids

Here Comes Ingo Gift Bundle for Kids

It’s getting to be that time of year again when people start thinking about holidays and gifts. I always love finding unique gifts to give to friends and loved ones. Sure, it’s easy to walk into Target and pick out something they will like. I mean, I love Target. But what’s really fun and exciting is finding something they’ve never seen before and won’t expect.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone, you’re in the right place. The Maker Mamas store is full of unique, hand-crafted and originally designed artwork. And today I wanted to talk about a great little gift bundle you can put together that’s great for kids or anyone.

A Children’s Picture Book That Encourages Imagination

Here Comes Ingo is a novel idea of a book that encourages its readers to imagine and interact right on the pages. The complete picture book is all visual, allowing the audience to dream up a story all their own. You know how you have to stop little kids from scribbling in books? Not this one! Let them add to the already vibrant pages and create their own masterpiece.

here comes ingo gift bundle for kids page of here comes ingo, blue sky with green grass and ladybugs

Customize Your Gift Bundle

If you love Here Comes Ingo, there’s gifts and accessories to go along with it. Add the framed printed wall art to your child’s room and let their imagination soar. Grab some stickers and magnets so the beloved characters of Here Comes Ingo can decorate anywhere in your home.

white framed art print of green whale and lady bugs

I’ve truly never seen any other book like it, and it’s on my holiday list for my youngest, who loves to color on anything and will LOVE the animals and images in this book. If you know a child who is full of imagination and wonder, the Here Comes Ingo book and art is the perfect gift for them.

magnet with red background, bird's nest with eggs and flamingo whale shaped sticker with yellow and red

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