Holiday Hangover

I miraculously survived the holidays. I hope you all did too.

Being an introvert, social gatherings are exhausting. Running around from one celebration to another is not my idea of a good time. Every year my wish is to just stay at home with my husband and kids and just enjoy a relaxing day together. I kind of got my wish this Christmas.

Germs have been breeding and spreading practically everywhere. Daycare, work, and schools have been getting hit with Influenza A among other viruses. Now, ya’ll know I have health anxiety, so this just makes my skin crawl. All I can think about is, I don’t want to get sick and I really don’t want the kids to get sick.

Things seemed to be going okay until I hosted an early Christmas celebration. A family member showed up and was talking about how he was finally feeling better after a brutal couple of days with NOROVIRUS! Barf! (literally)

I was in the other room when I overheard that conversation and was immediately horrified. With 3 days to go before Christmas, puking my guts out was not something I had on my agenda. I was actually a little pissed that this person showed up to my house so soon after such a highly contagious illness.

I never know if it’s part of my anxiety or actual intuition, but I knew I would get it. I just knew it. It had been a minute since I had a stomach virus and knew it would take me. Sure enough, two days later on Christmas Eve while riding in the car on an hour-long trip to another celebration, it struck.

I fortunately made it to my destination before I spewed my guts out, and back home before a painful bout of dry heaving. Good stuff.

Body aches, bloating, and more unpleasantness set in that evening and rolled into Christmas Day. Clearly, I was in no shape to go anywhere.

So I got my wish for a Christmas Day at home. But it came at a price.

We are 10 days post illness and I’m still not 100%. Annoying. On the only plus side, I haven’t put on any holiday weight 🙂


Needless to say the lack of eating and dehydration that has occurred with this illness has wreaked havoc on my milk supply. While I typically get 15-20 ounces when I pump at work, I got a mere 8 today. I am trying not to stress about it because that makes it worse. And fortunately, I have a healthy freezer stash. But it is frustrating nonetheless.

Today was my first day back to the office in almost two weeks. And its been a day. It wasn’t until the third trip to the bathroom that I noticed my underwear was on inside out. Then, I was sitting at my desk squeezing my stress ball when it exploded. Sending it’s moist, gritty white innards in a five-foot radius of my desk. I’m going to say this day was just a trial run. Maybe tomorrow too.

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