How I Landed My First Freelance Client

How I Landed My First Freelance Client

I still sometimes pause when I tell people I’m a writer. I’ve loved reading and writing since I was in grade school, but never imagined making a living as a writer. Sure, I’m not currently writing the next best-selling novel, but maybe someday.

While I write in my full-time job, I have always wanted to push myself into the freelance world to broaden the subject matter I write about (and make a little extra cash). I obviously love writing about being a mom and all that encompasses it. Which is what led me to my first client.

My subscription to Colson & Joe breastfeeding box exposed me to a company that offered products for breastfeeding mothers. Liking the product I was sampled, I went on to purchase another product. I checked out this company’s website and followed them on social media, and it became clear that this was a startup by a working mom working to make her side hustle a flow-blown business. I liked it.

I found some repressed confidence and sent the business owner a DM on Instagram. I introduced myself, told her I was a breastfeeding mom myself, liked her products and how I was a writer and would love to get her blog page some regular content. I sent off the message and took a breath.

I don’t have notifications for my social media pages on my phone, so it was a couple days before I clicked back into Insta and saw a little red circle next to that paper airplane in the corner. She responded and was excited to chat with me. We set up a time to chat over the phone later the following week.

What was happening? What was I doing? Was I owning my own business, guiding myself toward my goals? It was all very new to me.

So when I got the client on the phone, I told her that. I told her she would be my first freelance client, and aside from professionally writing posts and articles, I was a novice. She didn’t waver. She was still excited to work with me.

I ended that call feeling proud of myself for actually going after something I wanted. Things don’t fall into your lap. They take work and assertiveness. As someone who suffers from a little bit of impostor syndrome, I constantly believe someone is going to figure out I’m not actually a good writer. I had it bad when I was doing art.

It made me realize that if I want other people to believe in what I do, I need to believe in myself. Sorry, that will be the only gag-worthy quote I use in this post.

It’s been three months since I started working with my first client. I write one blog post per month for her site, and I’m excited to watch her business grow. To me, one of the best things I get out of that relationship is that I think of myself as a partner. I want to write content that is going to build her business and help her meet her goals. It’s one woman/mother helping another.

So here is a recap of how I landed my first freelance client:

  • A startup business – it’s one small business helping another. It’s perfect for growing together.
  • Mom entrepreneur – as a mom, I have a soft spot for finding other moms and helping them achieve their goals.
  • I could relate to the product/used product – I breastfeed; business sells breastfeeding products.
  • In the industry I want to write in – I completely agree with “write what you know.” At least, it’s the easiest. I’m a mom, so it makes sense to write for people who cater to moms.
  • Connected via social media – social media is an excellent marketing tool. Use it. Engage with it.

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