I caught the fever

I started my day by throwing out four organic apples that I thought had bruises all over them. I bought a bag a few weeks ago and when grabbing one to toss in my lunch bag today, found these dimpled little stragglers and thought their prime had past, so I reluctantly pitched them, save for the best of the worst to take for lunch. I absolutely HATE throwing out food, so I made a mental note not to buy as many the next time.

I bit into that apple this afternoon, and dammit it was perfectly delicious and had not taken a turn for the worse as I suspected. I haven’t felt the guilt of privileged America in awhile and I don’t like it. So I’ve been wearing that like a shroud since.

On a completely unrelated note, it seems like it was not that long ago that I was blogging about trying to resist baby fever. Obviously, I’m currently pregnant – which I write about here, here, and here – so I definitely caught that fever many moons ago. But I think it’s been lying dormant since.

This pregnancy has been much more challenging and exhausting than my first, and with work and chasing around my toddler, the fact that there will be a baby bursting into our lives in the next few months hasn’t really been top of mind. Until yesterday.

Now, the first time around, I was pretty much prepared (with all the gear and stuff) by the time I was six months along. The nursery was painted and decorated, furniture was assembled and in place. I had baby on the brain 24×7.

Things have been slow going this time around. We just literally don’t have the time. And with me feeling less than human, I’ve been nearly zero help, which leaves my husband to do the bulk of stuff.

And bless that man. This weekend, he busted his butt and painted the baby’s room all by himself. And it is beautiful. And it reignited my baby fever.

I crept in the nursery yesterday and started hanging a couple of my paintings, and positioned the crib along the wall where I wanted. Dresser drawers are beginning to fill with blankets and clothes that our tiny little person will snuggle in.

Things got real, and I got happy.

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