I miss coffee

It’s been the longest week ever. And it’s only Tuesday. WTF.


I seem to be in a cycle of one thing after another lately. When it rains, it pours, right?

It all started over a week ago when the baby caught a cold, which hit a crescendo over the weekend with what I’m pretty sure was croup. So sleep has been rough.

Then my three year old is apparently going through a developmental leap/psycho stage coinciding nicely with night terrors he’s had the past two nights and even at daycare.

If no one has witnessed a child going through a night terror, it’s awful. Not technically awake, yet still somewhat responsive, my little boy has woken up screaming and crying, completely inconsolable multiple times a night for the past two days. He also had an event yesterday during nap at daycare – yikes!

Last night it was about four sessions of his outbursts lasting 10 minutes or so each round. Exhausting. And you can’t do anything about it. You try to calm him down but he’s in such deep sleep that you can’t even reach him. And he wanted nothing to do with my husband, so mom got to deal with a screaming toddler and baby.

If anyone doubts the toll sleep deprivation can take on a person’s mind, come talk to me.

If the situation wasn’t so difficult and unsettling, it could be humorous. My son has been saying some crazy things. The other night he was screaming about “the cactus.” Now, we live in the Midwest where cacti can usually only be found in tiny pots in people’s homes and offices. It’s not like he’s bumping into them on the street.

And then last night he was screaming at me “read this, mom,” while sitting up and throwing a pillow at me.

Bizarre, disruptive, and I’m sure terrifying for my son in the moment. I am praying that this is just some mental leap he’s going through that will subside in a couple days for the sake of my sanity.

Anyway, it is days like these that I really miss drinking coffee. Cups and cups of coffee.

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