Instagram: Am I doing this right?

Like a lot of other bloggers, I’m trying to expand my reach. This blog started out as a personal outlet for me to share my thoughts and experiences as a mother and it has been a blessing for my sanity. But a long-term goal of mine professionally is to become a freelance writer. So I’ve been hustling to up my PR game.

I recently set up an Instagram account for my blog. If you are on Insta and haven’t checked it out, please be so kind and consider stopping by. I’m also on Twitter, and working on setting up a Pinterest board. It’s slow progress given I work full-time and have two children and no energy.

Anyway, I’m currently focusing on Instagram because I like taking pictures and I think it’s a great place to share my thoughts and connect with other moms. In theory.

I recently searched #momblog to see if I can find some other mom bloggers to follow. My feed was instantly flooded with perfectly staged (and possibly photo edited) photos of beautiful women and babies looking flawless in a field of pumpkins. Instagram-worthy posts by all accounts. And I hate it.

I realize it goes against everything that Instagram has become known for (i.e. Instagram models). I want to see real women and their lives. I want to see a messy house and kids. I want to see moms in sweats and no makeup. I want to see Pinterest fails. I want to see real life.

So here’s what you can expect to see from my Instagram account: no perfectly styled outfits (I don’t think I know how to do this). You will not see a spotless kitchen filled with cute pastries and plates of gourmet meals. What you will see are pictures that mean something to me, and give you a glimpse into my life. Because it is not Instagram-perfect, but it’s real.

If you have an Instagram account, leave your user name in the comments and I would love to follow you!


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