Is it June yet?

Holy shit, February is almost over. I feel like I was just complaining about how long January was.

We’ve had a fairly brutal winter in terms of how much snow has been dumped on us. In the past two weeks, I think it’s snowed something like eight days. This is how much we are all sick of it: yesterday I told my son we needed to get ready for “school.” His response was, “No, I want to go play at the beach.”

First, we live smack dab in the middle of the country, with no oceans in either direction for probably a thousand miles. And he’s never been to a beach. But he must know that they are warm and sunny, and dammit, he wanted to go.

Even for an introverted homebody such as myself, I am tired of being stuck in the house. I need some green grass and fresh (not frigid) air.

I’m also growing increasingly uncomfortable from my growing offspring. This pregnancy has been no joke in terms of complete and consistent uncomfortableness (yes, I’m inventing new words). It’s been unrelenting. Pelvic pressure has set in, which feels like someone took a baseball bat to my pubic bone. And nothing eases that. It also makes me feel like I need to pee every 20 minutes, which is fun.

My husband asked me this morning if I was feeling alright. I must have grimaced while struggling to put on a pair of pants. He’s used to coming home to me in the evenings when I am at maximum irritability and uncomfortableness. I tell him it’s just part of the process and there’s nothing that can be done until the kiddo pops out. It’s clear that neither of us were expecting it to be so draining this time around.

And here’s a friendly tip: when you ask a pregnant lady how she’s feeling and she tells you that she has started to get uncomfortable and achy, don’t respond with, “Wow, you still have a ways to go.” Don’t be that asshole. It is not helpful and offers no empathy. Hand her a pillow and offer her a quiet place to nap.

On a brighter note, we have our next perinatology appointment scheduled for next week to check out little one’s heart, and I’m looking forward to seeing the little nugget bouncing around in there. He or she has gotten so big and strong that I love feeling all the little jabs. Excited to see their sweet face.


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