It’s been a face-smacking kind of week

It’s been one of those weeks that seems to have stretched on forever. I’ve been pumping out an exorbitant amount of content at work this week, toggling between vomiting words on a page and hitting a wall. Good stuff.

My normal morning routine has been altered by my husband needing to be at his job early, meaning I have to make myself presentable and get my two-year old ready and out the door and deliver him to daycare to make it in to work at an appropriate hour. Thank goodness for coffee. And dry shampoo.

With all the rushing around and heavy workload, I can’t say that I’ve escaped without some unexpected annoyances.

For instance, yesterday it was pouring rain ALL DAY. On my way into the office, my hands and shoulders were full of everything I thought I needed for the day, including navigating my route with coffee mug and umbrella in one hand. I made it upstairs to my desk before I realized I left my computer in my car. Literally the most important thing I needed. Back to the downpour I went. At this point, my boots and lower few inches of slacks are soaking wet. Awesome.

Later that day, needing a Kleenex refill for my desk, I shuffle over to our supply cabinet. The cabinet is at least six feet tall, and about two feet deep. The Kleenex is on the top shelf, stacked ten boxes high, and pushed to the very back. Swell.

Standing 5’4 with my boots on and appropriately proportioned arm length, it took all the energy I had to push my body into that cabinet to squeeze out any sliver of additional length I could get. I caught the corner of one box, nudging it towards me and setting the domino chain into affect. I couldn’t move out of the way fast enough. I endured several blows to my face from those boxes of tissue before they tumbled to the ground below.

Today I was going through my workout routine when the universe delivered another blow. My trainer/pain inducer has me use a medicine ball to squat, then on my way up leverage the velocity and throw the ball up high against a wall, catch it, then go back down into a squat. This process is repeated 10 times.

I was solo on my routine today and grabbed a heavier medicine ball thinking I could handle it. I see where I went wrong there. On the final rep of my squat toss and out of breath, I braced myself to catch the medicine ball for the final time. My arms being more fatigued than I realized, it slipped right through those wobbly noodles. Don’t worry, my face stopped it.

It’s Friday and my only goal for the weekend is to sleep in, drink some wine, and not throw heavy things.

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