Just tired

I’m just tired. When I have no idea how to put my feelings into words, my go-to response is “I’m just tired.” That’s how I’ve been feeling the past few days.

A lack of sleep has a lot to do with it, I know that. Last night I clocked a whopping 5 hours and 13 minutes with nine interruptions during the night. The longest stretch of sleep I got was about two hours…

The baby has been in a mood. Ever since he caught a cold about a month ago, it’s thrown him off. Now it’s like he’s teething, yet no tooth has appeared. He hasn’t been napping well and daycare and just wants to be held. I wanted to transition him to his crib, but that hasn’t been going well because once he wakes for the first time, I’ve been too exhausted to stand in his room to comfort him, so back he comes to his bassinet in our room.

Our daycare is also going through some changes. Our favorite infant teacher’s last day is today, and the other teacher abruptly quit yesterday. I have a new center I would like to switch to, but it is more money and my older son seems content in his current room, so I hesitate to move him. Ugh.

And with Halloween being on a Wednesday really threw things off I think. We had a lot of fun and I’m not one of those people proposing Halloween be permanently moved to a Saturday, but it’s just made for an odd week. I was convinced today was Friday for about two hours after I woke up. Ahhhhhhh!

And, truthfully, my brain has just been difficult to focus since having a baby. Especially at work. I may have come back from my maternity leave, but mentally I feel like I didn’t completely come back. It’s required a lot of effort to sit down and focus on my work, when it used to come so easily. I realize a lot of this has to do with the stresses of a new baby and the changing dynamic that comes with it, but it is very frustrating.

And I was running behind on laundry, so the other day I had to wear my baggy, terribly ill-fitting work pants and was crowned Mayor of Frumpville. So that’s always a confidence killer.

I just seem to be in a little bit of a lull lately. Hopefully will be climbing out of it soon.

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