Kendra, the author?

Kendra, the author?

I wrote a book. Now what?

“What’s next?” is the question I’ve gotten the most lately. Yeah, I wrote a book about my type 1 diabetic pregnancy (which I would love you to read!), but do I feel any different? No, not really. I mean, it’s a dream come true. It’s what I had hoped for those years ago when I was writing down those words. It’s what I wanted to read when I was nervous about my diabetic pregnancy. A story full of hope and somewhat normalcy.

It’s a strange thing being a writer. I’ve been a corporate ghostwriter in my professional life for a few years now and even though my words have been published in some highly credible publications, I still struggle to think of myself as a writer – an author. Did I mention I suffer from a mild case of Impostor Syndrome?

To me, an author is Stephen King or Joyce Carol Oates – two people I grew up reading and being in awe of. How can people write in a way that makes you lose yourself in a book? But that’s the great thing about being a writer: it’s a craft. And you never stop honing your craft. There are so many things I continue to learn as I travel down the path of writing and building my own brand (which is weird to say).

So what is next for me, Kendra the author? I’ve always loved the idea of writing a children’s book. As an artist, it was always a dream of mine as a kid to write and illustrate a kid’s book. And now that I have kids of my own, who happen to LOVE books, how fun would it be to create something that I could read to them? So maybe that is next on my list. At the very least, it’s something to strive towards.

I offer these incredibly cheesy words of advice: keep dreaming. Keep reaching for the things you want but never really thought possible. When I started drawing and playing around with paint, I never thought anyone would want to buy my art. But I sold dozens of paintings and commissioned works. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and participated in events along with other artists. When I started writing my blog, I never thought anyone would read it. Now I have followers and my words have been published in some of the top parenting sites. I never thought I’d publish a book. But I did.

And all of these success are incredible and validating to me. But here’s the kicker: did it change anything. No. I did art and created paintings because I enjoy it. I write stories and articles because I like to. Passion has led to my success. But even if nothing came of my efforts, I still enjoyed the process. There’s so much truth in “do what you love, love what you do.” Don’t hop on the hamster wheel just to get in the race. You do you.

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