Know a ‘Poor Me’ person? Don’t let them drain you.

Know a ‘Poor Me’ person? Don’t let them drain you.

I try not to do posts like this because I’d rather spread happiness instead of dragging my dark cloud over people. But sometimes I just have to get it out in fear it will consume me.

Do you know someone who is Master of their own Misery? I do. And damn, is it relentless.

Let me be real clear here, there is no one responsible for your own happiness other than yourself. Yes, there are circumstances such as socioeconomic status and other governing institutions that certainly impact a person’s happiness, but I’m not talking about that here.

I’m talking about someone who believes everything they are unhappy with in their life is a result of someone else’s actions toward them. “This is happening to me because X did this to me.” A classic victim mentality.

These people don’t want to take responsibility for their own actions and want to be “rescued.” They tie their own happiness to someone else. I’m not here for that. I will support someone and offer my advice if they want to take steps to improve their situation, but I refuse to listen to the “poor me” babble.

The holidays are hard on a lot of people. A time of cheer and togetherness isn’t a reality for some people. And emotions become heightened.

To anyone who interacts with a Negative Nelly, understand you’re not alone. I feel for you, and I hope we both have the strength to not let people like this get the best of us.

I found this helpful article about how to deal with a victim mentality.

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