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Meet Maker Mama, Odeta Xheka

Meet Maker Mama, Odeta Xheka

Known mostly for her unique brand of mixed media on canvas, Odeta Xheka is an artist, writer, poet, and debuting picture book creator. Her creative nonfiction can be found at Mutha Magazine, Literary Mama, and Her View From Home among other online publications.

Her blog focuses on open-ended creativity as it relates to child development. Below is an excerpt for her post on childhood staples: art and nature:

Art, more art, please

Forced to change their daily routines in ways that are not always easy to understand, now more than ever, it is imperative to introduce children to (educational/other) activities that build confidence, resilience, and a sense of pride in their own ideas not to mention ample opportunities to encourage self-exploration.

Process art is an especially appropriate tool to engage children. Not only does it allow for a great many self-directed (and fun!) activities but it also offers an opportunity to hear the children’s responses to questions such as:

Why do people make art?

What do you learn in making art?

How do you improve your art skills?

How do you know when you have made progress?

What do you do if you are stuck?

What makes you feel most proud of your art?

These sorts of questions can really inform a parent/guardian/teacher’s understanding of the way the child is processing the world.

A small child’s voice should form a big part of the story

And what a story…beautifully told via surface work, abstract shapes, step-by-step projects and anthropomorphic drawings.

Odeta’s book, Here Comes Ingo, is IndieReader Approved and 2019 Book of the Year by Creative Child Magazine. You can learn more about her work at Odeta Xheka Visuals.

You can also connect with Odeta on Twitter , Instagram  and Facebook.


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