Nine Minutes

We are less than one week into June and I already am over it. I have a feeling it’s going to be long summer with an active almost two-year-old. Let me divulge.

My son loves being outside. Next to “eat,” “outside” is at the top of his vocabulary. Raiding the fridge and relocating mulch from our backyard landscaping are his two favorite activities at the moment, and among my least.

Yesterday, after being disappointed by our bare fridge, my son turned his focus to outside. Lacking in snack options with plans to go to the store later, I was already hungry-inspired grumpy. Adding to my petulance was the fact that it was 94 degrees accompanied by a stifling humidity. You know, the kind of heat where you can practically feel yourself cooking.

With nothing inside our nicely cooled house to hold my son’s interest, I reluctantly opened the back door onto what felt like the sun’s surface. I watched as my son traipsed around the yard, constantly setting his sights on a new activity. When he climbed back onto the deck demanding his water table to be filled, I checked the time on my phone believing we had surely been out almost 30 minutes and in need of a break inside. Nine minutes. We had been outside for nine minutes.

At that moment, I seriously questioned the concept of time and how all perceptions of it can be skewed. The sun and heat had literally melted away my ability to adequately perceive time. It was too much for my weak and hungry mind to take. I scooped him up without a word and ushered us back into the coolness of the house. I quickly closed the blinds behind us, shutting it out like a parallel universe.

With the revelation that time appears to stand still when I am out in the beating heat of summer with my toddler, I’m concerned about the effects the season will have on my mental state. I believe the only antidotes to this summer affliction to be a pool and an adult beverage.

I genuinely want to know how my readers survive the summer with their kiddos, so please drop me a comment!


  1. This is so perfect! I couldn’t stop reading, LOL. I thought I was the only one dreading summer. My kids want to be outside ALL DAY (it’s not even that hot in Michigan) but they get a little crazy, which leads to an overwhelmed mama.

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