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Seeking Freedom

Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

So it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve posted, and it wasn’t even my post! Yikes.

I swear, I’m not slacking.

What I am trying to do is hustle my fairly large buns off to make a change in my career. I’m a writer. I’ve embraced it and my confidence has grown in telling people that’s what I do.

However, what I’ve learned is that I am not a corporate career-sy person. Structured office, desk life is no bueno for me.

I get bored and I want to rebel against authority. I have no idea where this came from, since I grew up being the biggest rule follower, but this is where I’m at.

So I’m trying to hustle to piece together enough freelance writing gigs to cover our basic needs. I’ve come to terms with leaving the security of a 401k match and paid time off, and feel that the trade off for improved mood and less stress (and more time with my boys) is well worth the trade.

What does this mean for this site? I might be posting less. At least, for a while.

I’m currently working my full-time Monday through Friday 8-4:30 gig, parenting two young, active boys, and picking up side hustles. I have been pitching my writing on other sites who pay and will give me exposure and expand my reach.

A hustlin’ mom’s gotta do what a hustlin’ mom’s gotta do.

I’m doing all of this extra work to get to a place where I work less and have more freedom to work when I want and write what I want.

So, please, bear with me while I try to make my dream a reality.

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