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Stitch Fix review – November 2018

Stitch Fix review – November 2018

I’m not going to lie, lately I’ve been on a little bit of an online shopping bender. I don’t know if it’s the time of year or the severe lack of sleep I’m getting, but I’ve been clicking to my little heart’s delight. And a couple weeks ago I decided it was time for another Stitch Fix.

I’m five months post-partum now and my body has definitely not “bounced back.” There’s plenty of bouncing going on, though.

I’m giving myself some grace because 1) raising two kids is hard as shit; and 2) it took 9+ months to create and carry a baby, so I don’t expect my body to recover in anything less than that.

That said, I still don’t fit into a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes, and if I do, they often don’t fit quite right anymore. I may be a hot mess, but I don’t really want to walk around looking like one. Or looking like Mayor of Frumpville.

I’m a firm believer in if you feel good in what you’re wearing, it gives you a total confidence boost and radiates to your mentality. Look good, feel good.

So I figured it was time to get a little style tossed my way. Hello, Stitch Fix.

This Fix was my sixth, and I’ve never been disappointed. I’ve always managed to find at least one thing in the box I liked. It’s clear that the stylists try very hard to send you pieces that reflect your style. Mine had detailed notes about styles I had pinned to my Pinterest board, so she obviously took the time to look and try to find me stuff I’d like. I think they’re great about sending you stuff you’d like but also sending stuff maybe you’d never pick out but it ends up working for you.

I was pleasantly surprised immediately by this Fix because it was all tops. I almost always want as many tops as they’d send because I have a lot of pants already and they’re really hard for me to find. Out of the six Fixes I’ve received, I’ve kept two pairs of pants.

And because of my post-partum bod/breastfeeding, it’s tops that I’ve been needing. My old tops either don’t accommodate my milk boobs or do not flatter my remaining baby belly.

So what was in my box?


I saw this button down and immediately cringed. As much as I want to love plaid, it just doesn’t work on me. My stylist even mentioned how she saw a bunch of plaid tops pinned to my Pinterest board and thought I’d like this one. I probably need to go and unpin all those, because I’ve come to the realization that plaid will never, ever work on me. I’m from Nebraska, and sliding into a plaid top makes me feel like the country girl I’m totally not. I think plaid works on a lot of women, and I adore it on them, but for me, not so much. What I did love about this top was the fabric. It was incredibly soft. But back it went.


The fabric on this top was also silky soft, which may have been its downfall. It hugged my curves, including the ones I don’t want hugged. That, in combination with the cream color, was just a bad combo for my body. I loved the green stripe, and the sleeve detail was fun, but the fit just wasn’t flattering.


This sweater was in the running to keep. The fit was great, slightly looser, and had a fun keyhole back and a split up the lower back. If it would have been solid black, I would have kept it for sure. But something about the thin white stripes and the weave of the sweater literally made me dizzy looking at it in the mirror. So it wasn’t a keeper.


This top was a winner! The material was nice and light, and the fit was perfect. I was a little nervous about the placement of the pockets given I have a large chest, but this sit high enough that it wasn’t an issue. I see this being a great work top that I could layer under something, or a casual weekend shirt. The color is a nice dark, mauve-grey. And the split neck is something that I think really flatters a larger chest.


Finally, this cardigan stole the show. Seriously, send me a long cardigan and just take my money. In my last Fix, they sent a long navy-blue chunky cardigan with cream stripes AND POCKETS and it might be my favorite thing I own. Even though I’m shorter (5’3″) and long cardigans probably shouldn’t work for me, I love them. They cover my rear and are really like wearing a blanket. This cardigan is more of a snug fit and has great zipper details on the sleeves. The light grey color makes it a perfect neutral to pair with anything. The price was a little high than I normally like to spend, but I couldn’t pass it up.

Overall, this was a good Fix. I kept two of the five pieces they sent. I’m getting more comfortable in my new body and having clothes that fit help a lot.

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