Holiday Hangover

I miraculously survived the holidays. I hope you all did too. Being an introvert, social gatherings are exhausting. Running around from one celebration to another is not my idea of a good time. Every year my wish is to just stay at home with my husband and kids and just enjoy a relaxing day together. [...]


Free Falling into Fall

Free Falling into Fall

I'm still coming off the hell that was last week with both kids sick. And I'm missing coffee more than ever. The three year old finally returned to sleeping through the night in his bed without waking up screeching multiple times a night. The baby is making progress. He's still congested and coughs at night, [...]

I miss coffee

It's been the longest week ever. And it's only Tuesday. WTF. I seem to be in a cycle of one thing after another lately. When it rains, it pours, right? It all started over a week ago when the baby caught a cold, which hit a crescendo over the weekend with what I'm pretty sure [...]

Blue Sky Day

Blue Sky Day

Somehow it's been nearly a month since I've returned to work. It's incredible to me how fast a month goes when you're having, err, fun? More like when you're raising kids and working full time. I was driving to work today and thinking about how I feel leaps and bounds better mentally than I did [...]

Let it go

Anxiety is a beast of a thing. There is seemingly endless things to worry about. But here's one of the things that gives me anxiety that is truly annoying: I'm one of those people hesitant to let people borrow things because I fear it will get lost. Not even something of value or meaning. It [...]

My decaffeinated life

The fact that I've had to cut out regular coffee from my exhausted life has made me sad. And now, I've had to bid adieu to all caffeinated beverages. So long, Diet Coke. On the one hand, I've wanted to cut out soda for a long time. I'm aware of the warnings of artificial sweeteners, [...]

The Little Blue Pill

Ugghhhhhh. I don't really know how to segue from my last post about the Cat and Jack subscription box I reviewed, so that was my lame attempt. This post will go back to how I'm dealing with my anxiety and life in general. First, I have met with my therapist a couple times now and [...]

Sleep deprivation is the worst

This week has been better than last week, so that's a plus. We even had a couple days of mild 70 degree weather! My first session with my therapist went well on Monday. We clicked and it was a nice feeling to have someone to talk to that understood exactly what I was feeling. Motherhood [...]

Goodbye, dear friend

Goodbye, dear friend

I recently posted about how my anxiety had reached new heights. Last week I felt terrible, unlike anything I can remember feeling before. I have yet to figure out what exactly triggered it – maybe it's because my oldest turns 3 in a couple weeks, or maybe it's because I have only a few weeks [...]