Having a baby changes everything in a marriage

*This article originally appeared on Her View From Home. I know you’re nervous. I know you’re excited. I know you’re feeling a love you never thought possible. A newborn baby, or a child placed in your arms—your child. You’ve been overwhelmed by polite smiles and unsolicited “words of advice” about how to care for your [...]

There’s nothing quite like the magic of babyhood

*This article originally appeared on Her View From Home. Big brown eyes bordered by long delicate lashes lock with mine. Chubby cheeks grow rounder as a toothless smile spreads across his face. His feet kick excitedly and his arms reach out toward me. If I could freeze time, it’s moments like this that I’d keep [...]

Letting in the Sunshine

It's been a minute. I blinked and my baby turned one. I gotta say, I am loving him at this age. He's walking and so damn happy. I've been hustling to find a plan to spend more time with my boys. And I'm excited that it may becoming a real possibility. More to come on [...]

Babies, Boobs, and Mental Health

Babies, Boobs, and Mental Health

My baby isn't so much a baby anymore, and I don't know if I want to jump with joy or curl into a ball and cry. He just turned 11 months and took his first steps the other day. Where has the time gone? And why is he so hell bent on becoming a "toddler" [...]

3 things I’ve learned about mothering a baby and a toddler

Welcoming our second child certainly brought a shift in our family dynamic. My almost-three-year old was no longer the only child, and soon realized there was a new kid in town stealing some of mom's and dad's attention. We let our second baby's sex stay a mystery until delivery day, and we were over the [...]