The Little Blue Pill

Ugghhhhhh. I don’t really know how to segue from my last post about the Cat and Jack subscription box I reviewed, so that was my lame attempt. This post will go back to how I’m dealing with my anxiety and life in general. First, I have met with my therapist a couple times now andContinue reading “The Little Blue Pill”

I don’t even know what to call this.

Holy shit, it’s been a hell of a week. And it’s only Wednesday. Let me clarify, it seems to be one frustrating situation after the other. Rewind to last Saturday. My son woke up with a rash of little red spots on his stomach and back. They spread throughout the day, and by the time heContinue reading “I don’t even know what to call this.”

This week’s adventure: HFMD

It’s every working parent’s nightmare: trotting into daycare to pick up your child and the dreaded sick child alert sign is posted outside the door. As of this date, there has been one confirmed case of the grossest/most miserable/longest lingering illness you can imagine. You’ve been warned. You shudder, hold your breath, and try toContinue reading “This week’s adventure: HFMD”