The unintentional vegetarian

We all have heard that toddlers are picky eaters. It’s one of the many qualities that defines their obstinacy. You know, kids who don’t want to eat their broccoli and demand mystery nuggets and dessert. Not my kid. To be fair, he is always open to candy, cookies, and cakes – the kind of crapContinue reading “The unintentional vegetarian”

It’s been a face-smacking kind of week

It’s been one of those weeks that seems to have stretched on forever. I’ve been pumping out an exorbitant amount of content at work this week, toggling between vomiting words on a page and hitting a wall. Good stuff. My normal morning routine has been altered by my husband needing to be at his jobContinue reading “It’s been a face-smacking kind of week”

Forgive me, my brain is on hiatus.

It happens at least once a week where I think to myself, “What the hell happened to you?” Last night I uttered this sentence after I made it all the way to the grocery store before realizing I had left my wallet at home. Briefly considering how I could rush a cart full of groceriesContinue reading “Forgive me, my brain is on hiatus.”

The New Dining Experience

Like many other days of new experiences living with a toddler, yesterday I found myself experiencing a new way to dine. There I sat on a toddler-sized chair with my knees peeking over the top of the table with my almost two-year old on my lap. I noshed on a leftover hamburger sliced in halfContinue reading “The New Dining Experience”

For the love of God, please don’t call me Ma’am

Becoming a mom changes so much. Everything that defined you before kids gets pushed below the now most significant defining attribute of “mom.” Some women embrace this, and that’s a beautiful thing. There are definite benefits to being acknowledged as a mom. I no longer get carded when purchasing alcohol. People take one look atContinue reading “For the love of God, please don’t call me Ma’am”