Holiday Hangover

I miraculously survived the holidays. I hope you all did too. Being an introvert, social gatherings are exhausting. Running around from one celebration to another is not my idea of a good time. Every year my wish is to just stay at home with my husband and kids and just enjoy a relaxing day together. [...]

God Bless my husband

With all the stresses we've endured over the past several months, one thing that has never waned is my love for my husband. We've been together almost 13 years, married for almost 5 and he is just my person. I am my truest self around him and we complement each other so well. One perk [...]

When all you want is a shower

The weather finally took a turn for the better this weekend. Just in time for other things to take a turn for the worse. Maybe not worse...but gross. As Spring is finally in full bloom, my husband's schedule has picked up as well, meaning I'm on one-on-one defense with our son on Saturdays. It's cool, [...]

I tried to run

I'm not talking figuratively here. I mean actual running. No, I wasn't trying to get in a good cardio session. Running has been pretty low on that list for years before I got pregnant. We got a break from our brutal winter last weekend and were blessed with some sunshine and mild temperatures, so we [...]

I don’t even know what to call this.

Holy shit, it's been a hell of a week. And it's only Wednesday. Let me clarify, it seems to be one frustrating situation after the other. Rewind to last Saturday. My son woke up with a rash of little red spots on his stomach and back. They spread throughout the day, and by the time he [...]