I Gave Birth to Barnacle Babies

Photo by mauRÍCIO santos on Unsplash I live smack dab in the middle of the country, no oceans around for more than a thousand miles. And yet, I have barnacles. I took sail on my mother ship not knowing what to expect. I had an idea of what my course would look like, but you never truly understandContinue reading “I Gave Birth to Barnacle Babies”

The 4-letter word I don’t like my son to say

The first – and only – time I heard it, it stung like a knife through my tender mommy heart. My son, the threenager, was aiming his frustration toward me. He was upset with me for some typical three-year-old reason that I have since forgotten. He hesitated before he found the word his young mindContinue reading “The 4-letter word I don’t like my son to say”

Let’s get real.

I was sitting cross-legged at my kitchen table this morning drinking my coffee and prodding my son to eat his breakfast. We had spent 30 minutes just lying in bed, unable to pull ourselves out of the comfy-ness and into the reality that it was a work/school day. The kid really is my mini. TheContinue reading “Let’s get real.”

They don’t always say it, but it’s there

I write a lot about the crazy and exhausting parts of parenthood. Stories about poop in the bathtub, bidding adieu to the binky, and the chaos that can ensue in my household make for good content. They’re hilarious and relatable. And I love telling those stories. This one, while hopefully still relatable, is more endearing, bringingContinue reading “They don’t always say it, but it’s there”