5 tips for Instagram beginners

Five tips for beginners who want to use Instagram to grow their business.

Babies, Boobs, and Mental Health

My baby isn’t so much a baby anymore, and I don’t know if I want to jump with joy or curl into a ball and cry. He just turned 11 months and took his first steps the other day. Where has the time gone? And why is he so hell bent on becoming a “toddler”Continue reading “Babies, Boobs, and Mental Health”

I hope I remember what it meant to be a mom to young kids

I’m raising two boys. I won’t have the mother-daughter relationship that so many women wish for, and I’m okay with that. I’m a boy mom through and through, and my life doesn’t feel less fulfilled because I don’t have a daughter. But there will be some things that just won’t resonate with my sons, suchContinue reading “I hope I remember what it meant to be a mom to young kids”

Unpopular opinion: I secretly love gender reveal parties

In our land of excess and social media attention, baby gender reveals have become a thing. Expecting couples plan a celebration to make an announcement of their baby’s sex. Family and friends gather to watch the couple cut into a cake, leaning nervously forward to get a glimpse of either pink or blue. Or theyContinue reading “Unpopular opinion: I secretly love gender reveal parties”

How I Landed My First Freelance Client

I still sometimes pause when I tell people I’m a writer. I’ve loved reading and writing since I was in grade school, but never imagined making a living as a writer. Sure, I’m not currently writing the next best-selling novel, but maybe someday. While I write in my full-time job, I have always wanted toContinue reading “How I Landed My First Freelance Client”