I’m Still Here

Hey all, So January finally wrapped up. I’m not sure how it’s possible that it feels like Christmas was last week but that January was the longest year on record. So I’ve been busy hustling. I did get the chance between writing for clients and raising the kiddos to write a little something for myself.Continue reading “I’m Still Here”

I hope I remember what it meant to be a mom to young kids

I’m raising two boys. I won’t have the mother-daughter relationship that so many women wish for, and I’m okay with that. I’m a boy mom through and through, and my life doesn’t feel less fulfilled because I don’t have a daughter. But there will be some things that just won’t resonate with my sons, suchContinue reading “I hope I remember what it meant to be a mom to young kids”

My best made plans can be found on my pillow

Somehow my baby turned 8 months today. Time really flies. Like, seriously. Sleep still eludes me. The baby has been waking up numerous times a night for months, like a repeat of his older brother. Speaking of, my three year old has been waking up once during the night most nights recently. He either demandsContinue reading “My best made plans can be found on my pillow”

Baby gear I love for newborn to 3 months

Now that I am back in the thick of babyhood, I’ve thought a lot about the gear that I really can’t do without and the crap I amassed that is useless. Preparing for a baby is exciting and overwhelming. There seems to rules and guidelines for everything baby and so much baby gear thrown inContinue reading “Baby gear I love for newborn to 3 months”