I Gave Birth to Barnacle Babies

I Gave Birth to Barnacle Babies

Photo by mauRÍCIO santos on UnsplashI live smack dab in the middle of the country, no oceans around for more than a thousand miles. And yet, I have barnacles. I took sail on my mother ship not knowing what to expect. I had an idea of what my course would look like, but you never truly understand motherhood [...]

There’s nothing quite like the magic of babyhood

*This article originally appeared on Her View From Home. Big brown eyes bordered by long delicate lashes lock with mine. Chubby cheeks grow rounder as a toothless smile spreads across his face. His feet kick excitedly and his arms reach out toward me. If I could freeze time, it’s moments like this that I’d keep [...]

How do I balance work and motherhood? I don’t.

*This article originally appeared on Her View From Home. The working mom gig is no joke. Now, I’m not here to bubble up any arguments about who has it harder, working moms or stay-at-home moms. That is a ridiculous argument with no right answer. All moms and families have their own challenges, and to whittle [...]

10 things I know because I’m a boy mom

*This post originally appeared on Her View From Home I’ve always been somewhat of a tomboy. I grew up playing a variety of sports and have never been a fan of pink and frilly things. Things haven’t changed since becoming an adult woman. I still have the bad habit of occasionally biting my nails, so [...]

How I’m Surviving this Summer without FOMO

"Have any big plans this summer?" It's the inevitable question people like to ask when making small talk when the seasons start to change from needing a rain jacket to slathering on the sunscreen. I smile and almost disappointingly respond, "No, just hanging around here." I love vacationing, I really do. And family trips in [...]