Eff Last Week. For Real.

Yikes. So it’s been over a month since my last post. But, I warned you I would be around less. In my seemingly never-ending quest to move full-time into freelancing, I’ve been busy making a presence on Medium. I’m about seven years late to the game there, but I’m able to earn a little bitContinue reading “Eff Last Week. For Real.”

This week’s adventure: HFMD

It’s every working parent’s nightmare: trotting into daycare to pick up your child and the dreaded sick child alert sign is posted outside the door. As of this date, there has been one confirmed case of the grossest/most miserable/longest lingering illness you can imagine. You’ve been warned. You shudder, hold your breath, and try toContinue reading “This week’s adventure: HFMD”