What a Mom Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

Forget chocolates and flowers, this is what tired moms really want for Valentine’s Day.

I tried a weighted blanket. Here’s what happened.

Turns out weighted blankets aren’t miracle workers. At least not for me. I believed weighted blankets were the unicorns of the sleep world, and catching one would surely grant me immediate access to an uninterrupted night’s sleep. Oh, the things you believe when you’re exhausted. Weighted blankets have become a trendy thing. With me, itContinue reading “I tried a weighted blanket. Here’s what happened.”

My best made plans can be found on my pillow

Somehow my baby turned 8 months today. Time really flies. Like, seriously. Sleep still eludes me. The baby has been waking up numerous times a night for months, like a repeat of his older brother. Speaking of, my three year old has been waking up once during the night most nights recently. He either demandsContinue reading “My best made plans can be found on my pillow”

The season of our lives

I feel like I have a million things going on at all times, and this blog has taken a little bit of a back seat, which frustrates me. But I’ve been working on some things behind the scenes that are working toward some professional goals of mine, which is exciting. It’s just been another thingContinue reading “The season of our lives”