My best made plans can be found on my pillow

My best made plans can be found on my pillow

Somehow my baby turned 8 months today. Time really flies. Like, seriously. Sleep still eludes me. The baby has been waking up numerous times a night for months, like a repeat of his older brother. Speaking of, my three year old has been waking up once during the night most nights recently. He either demands [...]


I miss coffee

It's been the longest week ever. And it's only Tuesday. WTF. I seem to be in a cycle of one thing after another lately. When it rains, it pours, right? It all started over a week ago when the baby caught a cold, which hit a crescendo over the weekend with what I'm pretty sure [...]

Do I look tired?

This has been the longest week ever. Yesterday (Wednesday) felt like it should have been Friday. It might have something to do with the fact that the baby has a cold, so the past five nights I have gotten even worse sleep than the already 5-6 fragmented hours I get a night. And on top [...]

My decaffeinated life

The fact that I've had to cut out regular coffee from my exhausted life has made me sad. And now, I've had to bid adieu to all caffeinated beverages. So long, Diet Coke. On the one hand, I've wanted to cut out soda for a long time. I'm aware of the warnings of artificial sweeteners, [...]

The sleep thing

If a couple decides to parent a newborn, there comes a time when the mother/wife will resent the father/husband. This comes by way of lack of sleep for Mama and not so much for Dada. This shocked me a little with my first baby. But my husband was more eager to hop out of bed [...]

Everything Hurts

I feel like I've written this post before. I'm falling apart. My body, that is. My mind, however, has never felt stronger. Well, I do have the foggy pregnancy brain, but emotionally I feel pretty confident. Nonetheless, I woke up this morning feeling like I got hit by a bus. Let me lay out the [...]

Hi, I’m Irritable.

Hi, I’m Irritable.

Where to start? I'm in pain, tired, and thoroughly annoyed. Let's start with the pain. Remember I was experiencing some back pain? Yeah, I thought it was just my son's new mattress that was making me achy. Haha...hahaha...oh the naivety. After a trip to the zoo yesterday, we sat down for a snack break. When [...]

I hit a wall

I hit a wall

I need a nap. Seriously. I got one of the best night's sleep I've had in a long time last night and I'm still tired. This baby is sucking all the energy I have. Let's talk about this sleep I got last night, while I cross my fingers in hopes of not jinxing it. I'm [...]

Forgive me, my brain is on hiatus.

It happens at least once a week where I think to myself, "What the hell happened to you?" Last night I uttered this sentence after I made it all the way to the grocery store before realizing I had left my wallet at home. Briefly considering how I could rush a cart full of groceries [...]