Babies, Boobs, and Mental Health

My baby isn’t so much a baby anymore, and I don’t know if I want to jump with joy or curl into a ball and cry. He just turned 11 months and took his first steps the other day. Where has the time gone? And why is he so hell bent on becoming a “toddler”Continue reading “Babies, Boobs, and Mental Health”

3 things I’ve learned about mothering a baby and a toddler

Welcoming our second child certainly brought a shift in our family dynamic. My almost-three-year old was no longer the only child, and soon realized there was a new kid in town stealing some of mom’s and dad’s attention. We let our second baby’s sex stay a mystery until delivery day, and we were over theContinue reading “3 things I’ve learned about mothering a baby and a toddler”

I won’t always have a messy house

It occurred to me the other day as I was vacuuming gritty dirt off the floor, tracked in from shuffling kids and dogs in and out of the house, that my home was destined to only get dirtier as the years rolled forward. My boys are three and under a year old, so there areContinue reading “I won’t always have a messy house”

My best made plans can be found on my pillow

Somehow my baby turned 8 months today. Time really flies. Like, seriously. Sleep still eludes me. The baby has been waking up numerous times a night for months, like a repeat of his older brother. Speaking of, my three year old has been waking up once during the night most nights recently. He either demandsContinue reading “My best made plans can be found on my pillow”

The 4-letter word I don’t like my son to say

The first – and only – time I heard it, it stung like a knife through my tender mommy heart. My son, the threenager, was aiming his frustration toward me. He was upset with me for some typical three-year-old reason that I have since forgotten. He hesitated before he found the word his young mindContinue reading “The 4-letter word I don’t like my son to say”