The Monday-est of Mondays

I have baby poop on my sleeve. That’s how I started my day.

I managed to get to daycare only 10 minutes behind schedule, pulled my chubby smiley boy out of his car seat and immediately smelled something. I’m chatting with his teachers telling them he pooped and one gal grabs him to change his butt.

We are joking around that at least it wasn’t a blow out. That’s when the girl says that it was, and that’s when I notice that my arm is wet. Yep, poop on my work sweater. I grab a paper towel and soap and do a shoddy job trying to scrub it out. Oh well.

I get back to the car and notice my pumping bag feels lighter than usual. I forgot my ice pack for transport. Ugh. Oh well.

I’m truly convinced that every minute of sleep I lose, more brain cells die. It typically takes me a good 30 seconds to formulate a coherent sentence. On a good day.




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