What the hell is this?

What the hell is this?

Today is Friday, April 6 and it is snowing outside. Damn near blizzard. We’re expecting 1-3 inches, with another round of snow on Sunday.

This stuff has to stop. My baby belly refuses to get squeezed into my winter coat any longer. I literally had to suck in the best I could to get it zipped for my trek to work this morning. And I’ll be damned to shell out money for a maternity coat in April.

Nonetheless, it’s Friday. Hallelujah. Me and the husband have a dinner date planned for tonight at one of our favorite restaurants, so looking forward to that.

This week in my pregnancy has seen the upswing in my appetite. Baby is ready to pack on the pounds. I’m hungry nearly constantly. And have definitely been craving more sweet things (great news for a diabetic…). Yesterday I ate a Krispy Kreme doughnut for a morning snack, then a package of mini-doughnuts in the afternoon. What the heck?! Thankfully my pump settings are on point, so my blood sugar didn’t suffer from my poor snack choices.

Also this week saw the further development of heartburn! I made the mistake of eating a couple Cuties before bed and paid dearly for it the other night. Citrus fruits are definitely no friend to me right now. I actually woke up a couple times in the middle of the night choking and coughing on acid in my throat. AHHHHH! Never experienced anything like that before, and I hope to avoid it for the remainder of this pregnancy.

I want to wrap up this post talking about mental illness. I recently saw a blog post that was very negative, clearly the writing of someone suffering through depression. Still able to function but not really wanting to, this person saw the lives of everyone around them as better than theirs, convinced it was true. The post made me sad because it was the very real and raw reality that is depression.

The mind is a powerful thing, able to manipulate a person into believing whatever seed is planted in their head. Some people can shake these thoughts and redirect their brain. Others can’t. As someone who deals with anxiety, I can tell you that exercising irrational thoughts out of your brain is incredibly difficult. And people shouldn’t have to do it alone.

I’ve sought therapy in the past and would happily do so again should anxiety threaten to overtake me. Therapists and doctors trained in mental illness are incredibly valuable treatments. And people should talk about it more. For so long, people didn’t want to talk about mental illness. And going to therapy meant acknowledging a flaw.

But mental illness isn’t a flaw, and it doesn’t mean you’re broken. And I believe the bravest thing someone can do is to seek help. Because no one deserves to feel worthless, helpless, or insignificant. I genuinely want everyone to be happy. And that starts with the self.

So my thoughts for you are to live your most positive life and to spread that to others. Maybe you struggle with mental illness and don’t know what to do. I encourage you to seek out a therapist to help your work through your thoughts.

Maybe you’re actively involved in therapy but still have your difficult days. That’s okay. I see you, and understand it’s a work in progress. Keep going.

With the internet and social media, there’s a lot of negative content out there. A lot. And that can be a trigger for a lot of people. It has become so easy to get wrapped up in the ball of crap. My tip is to be louder with your positivity and light than all the dark.

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